Are you tired of wasting money on marketing and advertising that simply doesn’t work? Are you ready to be guided through effective strategic discovery and planning that will unlock successful marketing in your business?

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Why Develop a Strategy?

Get clarity on your ideal client, your unique value proposition and core messaging, so you can finally develop an effective marketing plan that attracts plenty of high paying clients to your business.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen business owners and executives invest in a multitude of marketing activities without first having developed an overall strategy. This usually results in a high level of frustration within the executive ranks as they do not see the return on their marketing spend which typically leads to a general dissatisfaction with marketing.

This is why I love what I do. I want to help you get your marketing on the right track and keep it there. We’ll uncover insights that will provide a clear path to a far more successful business.

The Strategy First Program

Strategy First is a 3-6 month program where we work together to build a clear marketing strategy as well as a customized plan of action to support it.

  • Get insight into the minds of your customers
  • Develop your core message
  • Lay out a clear tactical marketing plan for your business
  • Decide on the top 5 highest priority marketing tactics to build first

Get started with a free strategy assessment to see if we’re a good fit.


Programs start at: $6,000

The Strategic Development Process

Who Is This Program For?

Are you a technology business that’s ready to dissolve the barriers
to effective, affordable marketing? This program will help you to:

  • Get clarity on your most effective marketing strategies
  • Employ sophisticated but simple marketing strategies
  • Overcome existing barriers and plateaus
  • Get clarity on your target market and target personas
  • Clarify your strategic vision and marketing plan
  • Develop a clear plan of attack that’s right for you
  • Accelerate growth in sales and profits
  • Define a difference your target audience appreciates
  • Craft unique and compelling messaging and positioning
  • Create a clear USP that will drive your business

Get started with a free strategy assessment to see if we’re a good fit.

Highlights From My Program

Client Interviews:
We’ll talk with your customers and get the inside scoop on what they love and what they wish they could get more of from you.
Core Messaging:
We’ll help create a clearly defined and unique core difference, talking logo and messaging to when reaching your market segments.
Competitive Research:
We’ll use sophisticated tools as well as manual research to position you effectively against even your toughest competitors.
Unique Selling Proposition (USP):
We’ll work together to create a clear guiding statement that will guide strategic marketing decisions throughout the orgamization.
Ideal Client Personas:
We’ll define your key market segments and create personas defining their problems, priorities, success factors, and decision making criteria.
Go To Market Strategies:
We’ll create a one sheet tactical plan that will increase incoming leads as well as grow recurring business and referrals.

Isn’t It Time To Take Action and
Get Control of Your Marketing?

Let’s work together to create a clear plan
for growth in your business.

Get started with a free strategy assessment to see if we’re a good fit.